Registered Players

To be considered as a Registered Player for the Mountain Tigers Basketball Club Inc, each player must pay their seasonal fees. Payment of seasonal fees (Summer/Winter Season) defines a player as being financial.

A financial player will then be selected or allocated to a team based on Mountain Tigers Basketball Club team selection policy.


The Mountain Tigers committee shall review and set upcoming registration fees for each season.

Existing and new players will pay the respective season fee at time of registration for the current season.


A player to be considered financial for an upcoming season must complete payment by or on Registration Day.

Failing to meet this payment date means a player will not be selected for next season until payment for previous and current season have been made in full prior to player being placed in a team.

If player wishes to transfer to another club outstanding fees must be paid before Mountain Tigers Basketball Club grants clearance.

Methods of Payment

Mountain Tigers Basketball Club will accept the following payment methods;

  • Cash

  • Cheque


  • Money Order

  • Credit Card

  • Direct Debit*
    *Note: When direct credit payment is used, the payer must confirm payment with the club’s Treasurer before payment is made.  Player’s surname and invoice number must be used as the reference details for the transaction.

Payment Plans

  • Mountain Tigers Basketball Club recognises that some members may find paying fees in full difficult and prevent players taking part in basketball.

  • Mountain Tigers Basketball Club will at the discretion of its Treasurer offer a payment plan to assist those who require this payment method.

  • A player will be considered financial once first installment has been paid. However, if a payment default occurs during payment plan period or at end of current season installments are outstanding, the player will be deemed non financial and not considered for selection until full payment has been made for next season.

Outstanding Fees

​If outstanding fees do occur the Treasurer will notify the player/family their season fees are outstanding.  The Treasurer may allocate or split this task to appropriate committee member.

Non-Financial Players

Players who elect not to pay their season fees or default on payment plan or Team sheet contributions (games played) may be removed from their team at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

A player may be reinstated if all outstanding debts have been settled.


Fee Refunds

  1. Players who paid for the current season and withdraws their registration due to not being satisfied with the team they are selected within shall not be entitled to any refund.

  2. Players who paid for the current season and are unable to play all or part of the season due to personal reasons, such as family tragedy or family relocation, may be entitled to receive a partial refund their season fees, at the discretion of the Executive Committee

  3. Players that stop playing during a season shall not be entitled to any refund unless the meet all of the following criteria:

    • They have been injured and unable to play for the remaining season
    • A doctor certificate is received by the club Secretary

A refund request must be submitted in writing to the club’s Executive Committee for consideration and contain the following information;

  • Players name

  • Parent/Guardian's name

  • Contact details

  • Current age group and team

  • Detail reason for request

Notification of Outcome Requests

All requestors will be notified in writing once decision has been made. An administration fee set at the discretion of the Executive Committee may be deducted from any approved refund request.

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