The Mountain Tigers Basketball Club adheres to any local/state/national laws which include that Coaches have a current Working with Children Check.


Each season, any person wanting to coach a Mountain Tigers Basketball team must express their interest to coach in writing to the club’s Coaching Co-ordinator on or before the nominated cut-off date for consideration.


Each written expression of interest to coach submission must include the following information;

  • Name, address, phone number & contact email address

  • Age Group & Gender preference

  • Preferred day & time to train (i.e. Monday – Thursday)

  • Name of children registered with the club (if applicable)

  • Working with Children Check number & expiry date

Coaches Selection Process

Coaches are selected for each team based on team requirements once the season’s team selection process has been completed. Expression of interest to coach submissions received will be considered, however this cannot be always guaranteed.


In the case where more than 1 person is expressing interest to coach a particular team the following will apply;


  1. Each person must have submitted a written expression of interest to coach

  2. Each person must be able to provide evidence of a current Working With Children Check

  3. Each person will be requested to attend a meeting with nominated Mountain Tigers Committee members (not less than three) and provide the following information at that time;

    a - Reasons why they are requesting to coach the particular team
    b - Be able to document and describe their coaching experience
    c - Must be able to provide any coaching references (if requested)


On completion of the above, the Coaching Co-ordinator will advise each person of the decision made by the Committee within 48 hours unless further information is required. The Committee's decision is final and will be considered to be made in the best interest of both the club and the team.

Once the above process has been completed, the club’s Coaching Coordinator may then seek additional expression of interest to coach from members if there are teams still requiring a coach for the season.

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