• A minimum of two adults must be present at every training.

  • The coach must visually check the area of the court and surrounds for any hazardous items that could cause an injury if a player fell on or ran into them.

  • Players must be wearing appropriate footwear and clothing before they can commence training.

  • Younger siblings must be supervised by an adult and are not permitted to play with a ball or any other toy in the vicinity of the court whilst the training is in progress.

  • Ensure that players have warmed up before undertaking any strenuous training.

  • If a player is forced to cease training due to any injury or contact that player may not resume training without the permission of a parent or guardian.

  • The practice of playing "skins versus tops" games at boys training is not permitted.

  • Coaches should be aware of physical size and ability level when matching players for training drills.

  • Allow at least one drinks break during training.

  • In the event of a player needing to be disciplined this should be done privately and not in front of other members of the team.

  • If you have an ongoing problem with the behaviour of one or more players support is available from the club. Contact your age group co-ordinator if you need advice or assistance.

  • In the event of the temperature exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, coaches at their own discretion can cancel training for their team. Coaches must notify each player within their team if training is cancelled.

  • Coaches must ensure players are sufficiently hydrated and have regular rest breaks, should the outside temperature exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

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