The primary role of the Basketball Operations Coordinator is to establish consistency of coaching and development for the benefit of players and coaches alike.


Duties and Responsibilities



  • Submit a monthly report to the Committee to be tabled at the monthly Committee meeting and give advice to do with coaching development

  • The Committee will set a budget to fund the expenses of equipment and court hire which are necessary for the Club to run training sessions each season

  • Assist the committee from time to time on matters which it deems appropriate


Age Group Coordinators


  • Assist the Age Group Coordinators by ensuring that all coaching vacancies are filled prior to the commencement of each season.  Where coaching vacancies occur, they will work with the coordinator to find suitable people to take on the role

  • Assist newer Age Group Coordinators by helping them to understand the intricacies of the task of assembling teams and will act as a sounding board should the Age Group Coordinators have any questions or concerns

  • 5 weeks before the end of the season, liaise with the Age Group Coordinators to establish what information should be recorded on the Player Evaluation Sheet

  • Where an Age Group Coordinator is having trouble resolving an issue with a Coach, Player, or Parent, they shall seek the advice of the Coaching Co-ordinator.  If they are unable to assist in resolving the problem the matter should be escalated to the Committee




  • Responsible for the overall coaching direction, ensuring that the players get the same message from season to season no matter who their coach is

  • Prior to the beginning of each season the Coaching Co-ordinator should seek expressions of interest from anyone who is interested in coaching

  • Ensure that all coaches have a current Working with Children Check as soon as possible after accepting a coaching position and ensure that they are renewed as they expire

  • Attend a game or training session being run by a new coach, or organise a suitable senior coach where possible to offer any advice if requested

  • Establish “one off” and recurring programs to help, educate and assist new coaches as they grow into the role and also to assist established coaches with refresher opportunities

  • Work with the Association to organise yearly Level One Coaches Courses

  • Attend and chair Coaches meetings twice per year providing information on the successful running of the upcoming season




  • Assist Coaches and Age Group Coordinators where necessary in helping to resolve problems or address concerns of parents




  • With the assistance of others from the Committee co-ordinate extra programs from time to time to benefit players such as school holiday programs


Player Evaluation Sheet


  • Prior to the team selection meeting for the new season distribute the Player Evaluation Sheet to all coaches; this sheet contains relevant information to assist coaches & coordinators for selection of players into teams for the upcoming season


Presentation Day


  • Attend Family Fun & Presentation Day to assist with the presenting of the trophies




  • Reports to the Members and General Committee of the Club

  • Acts as or ensures his/her delegate acts in the best interests of the Club

  • Supports all coaches, players and committee members




  • The Coaching Coordinator is accountable to the Members and the General Committee

  • Must hold a current Working with Children Check (WWC) & have signed a Member Protection Declaration

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