This Parents code of conduct has been developed by Basketball Victoria to give participants some guide to the expectations it has on those participants. It is also available as PDF

  1. Encourage your children to participate for their own interest and enjoyment, not yours.

  2. Encourage children to always play by the rules. 3. Teach children that an honest effort is always as important as a victory.

  3. Focus on developing skills and playing the game. Reduce the emphasis on winning.

  4. A child learns best by example. Applaud good play by all teams.

  5. Do not criticise your or others’ children in front of others.

  6. Accept decisions of all referees as being fair and called to the best of their ability.

  7. Set a good example by your own conduct, behaviour and appearance.

  8. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.

  9. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.

  10. Show appreciation for volunteer coaches, officials and administrators.

  11. Keep children in your care under control.

  12. Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.

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