The Mountain Tigers Basketball Club President is the leader of the Club and is there to ensure the Club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to support its members & community.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Represents the Club at all levels, including attending Association President & Secretary meetings

  • Be well aware of all current and future Club activities

  • On most occasions act as Chairperson at Club meetings. An active and successful chairperson:

    • Leads, but does not direct

    • Ensures there is fair discussion on each issue and that all points are expressed before a decision is reached

    • Keeps the meeting moving in the desired direction. Be firm, but tactful, with members deviating from the point under discussion

    • After adequate discussion on an issue impartially summarises the points of view expressed, both for and against, to make sure members know clearly what they will be voting or agreeing to

    • Runs the meeting so that a balance is struck between speed and efficiency on the one hand, and keeping the meeting enjoyable on the other

    • Start meetings on time o Know and follow the agenda strictly, unless directed otherwise by the meeting

    • Attempt to get all members to contribute to the meeting

    • Be enthusiastic – enthusiasm is catching

  • Ensure Committee Members fulfil their responsibilities to the Club and assists where needed

  • Presents Presidents Report at the Annual General Meeting:

    • This should be a summary of the years’ activities, detailing programs conducted, membership changes, physical developments and any outstanding achievements. Also include a review of the financial situation and a look at plans and aspirations for the future

  • Be around the competition on Saturdays & attend the occasional training sessions.

  • Assist with projects and events of the Club

  • Participate upfront at Annual Family Fun & Presentation Day - be visible and accessible




  • Reports to the Members and General Committee of the Club

  • Acts as or ensures his/her delegate act in the best interests of the Club

  • Supports all coaches, players and committee members




  • The President is accountable to the Members and the General Committee

  • Must hold a current Working with Children Check (WWC) & have signed a Member Protection Declaration


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