RULE 2.4.4


Knox Junior Domestic rules call for teams to be placed in a grade in which they will be competitive.  On occasions there will be teams which are significantly stronger than all other teams in A grade thus making the grade uncompetitive.


This situation is dealt with by rule 2.4.4 which requires a panel to observe the team and if it is agreed that the team is too strong for A grade, offers the following options:

  • Split the team

  • Move one or two of the strongest players up an age group.

  • Move the entire team up an age group.

Mountain Tigers supports this rule where it is clear that the skill level of the players is significantly ahead of the other teams in the grade.  Where it can be demonstrated that a team is dominant only because of superior teamwork the club would oppose this rule being applied.  In the event of this rule being applied to a Mountain Tigers team the following policy will apply.

MTBC Policy | Rule 2.4.4

In the event of rule 2.4.4 being applied to a Mountain Tigers team the following procedure will be adopted.

  • The age group co-ordinator, coach, team manager and all players in the team(s) affected will be notified by email that rule 2.4.4 is to be applied and that the club will proceed in accordance with Mountain Tigers club policy.

  • The club shall be represented at the grading meeting by the coach of the team in question, a member of the executive committee and the age group co-ordinator. Where the club has the potential to field two competitive teams in A grade (i.e. from two existing A grade teams or one A grade team and one strong AR team) the coach of the second team shall also be present.

  • The club will oppose any change unless it can be clearly demonstrated that the team is too strong to be considered competitive with all other teams in A grade. If this can be established or if the direction from the grading panel is that rule 2.4.7 will be applied the club will proceed as follows.

  • Where the club is in a position to field two or more A grade teams the teams in question will be re-selected. This process will be carried out by the coaches of the teams and the age group co-ordinator in consultation with the grade secretary and the grade secretary liaison.

  • If the club cannot field a second team in A grade one or two of the strongest players will be moved to the next age group and to a grade not lower than B. If two players are nominated to move up they shall comprise one player from each of the following categories; guard/small forward, forward/centre.

  • Where two players are moved up to the next age group the coach of the #1 team shall have the choice of a player from the #2 team as a replacement.

  • Where the age group in question is under 14 or older and all players in the team are section 3 or 4 the option of moving the entire team up an age group may be taken as the first preference. The final decision to take this option will be the prerogative of the coach.


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